·        Genealogical Information about the surname Wiering

In Zwaagdijk the surname Wiering is the oldest known name in our village that is still represented here in Zwaagdijk till the present day.

The oldest known document about the surname Wiering (I mean the oldest document known to me) is a document that says this:


Cornelis Janzn Ettes gehuwd met Neeltje Pieters, wonende aan de Zwaagdijk onder Hauwert, verkoopt aan Pieter Cornelisz. Wiering te Hem, een huis en 8 morgen 43½ roede grasland voor

¦ 2.200,-, gelegen te Zwaagdijk onder Hauwert, belendend ten Oosten Pieter Freekzn. en ten westen Jan Bijstand, opgemaakt notaris Reinier.’


Translated in English it means something like this:

‘On the 7th of January 1760 Cornelis-son of Jan-Ettes, married with Neeltje Pieters, living at the Zwaagdijk under Hauwert, sells to

Pieter Corneliszn. Wiering living in Hem, a house and (I still have to find out how many) hectares of grassland for 2.200,- Dutch guilders, situated in Zwaagdijk under Hauwert, next to in the east Pieter-son of Freek and next to in the west Jan Bijstand, written by notary Reinier.’


We don’t know whether or not a Wiering moved to this farm immediately, but it is for sure that

On the 13th of January in the year of our Lord 1771 Jan Pieterszn. Wiering married with Maartje Ruyter and they lived on the farm that was bought by Pieter Wiering (the father of Jan) 11 years earlier.


Jan Wiering was born on the 22nd of February in the year 1747. I take the line that the average Dutch farmer in the 17th century and in the 18th century usually received children as long as their wives were able too (any form of contraception was strictly prohibited by the Catholic church),  they must have been, on average, about 35 years old when they received their average child.

This dates the birthday of Pieter Corneliszn. Wiering back to about the year 1712 and this dates the birth of  Cornelis Wiering back to about 1677.


My family tree can be reconstructed as follows:


Cornelis Wiering, born around 1677, father at this moment unknown to me.

Pieter Corneliszn. Wiering, son of Cornelis Wiering, born around 1712 and (at least in his later life) living in the small village of Hem not far from Zwaagdijk. He was the one who took the great step of moving to Zwaagdijk. At that time Zwaagdijk was still very scarcely populated and Pieter Wiering must have been a kind of pioneer venturing out to Zwaagdijk.


Jan Pieterszn. Wiering, son of Pieter Corneliszn. Wiering

Born: 22nd of February 1747

Died: 6th of December 1827 at the age of 80.

Married: 13th of January 1771 with Maartje Ruyter

Maartje Ruyter was born on the 1st of November 1745 and she died on the 15th of September 1830 at the age of 84.


Their Children:


-Marijtje Wiering, daughter of Jan Pieterszn. Wiering

Born: the 18th of April 1772

Died: the 12th of February 1857 at the age of 84.

She married on the 1st of June 1793 with Gerrit Pieterszn. Hokkeling. After his death she married with Arien Groot. Marijtje has many descendants (not listed here).


-Piet Wiering, son of Jan Pieterszn. Wiering

Born: the 9th of February 1777

Died: the 3rd of February 1842 at the age of almost 65.

He married on the 1st of May 1831 with:

Maartje Ettes:

Born: the 23rd of March 1800

Died: the 27th of April 1883 at the age of 83

Maartje Ettes was born on the farm presently owned by Joris Wiering. Later in life, after she was a widow, she moved to the farm where she had been born.

See further in the text for the descendants of Piet Wiering.


-Tamis Wiering, son of Jan Pieterszn. Wiering

Born: the 9th of August 1779

Died: the 10th of November 1846

He married on the 31st of January 1820, at the age of 40, with:

Aaltje Knol from Wognum

Born in 1792

Died: on the second of February 1847 at the age of 55.

Tamis Wiering moved to Hauwert, a protestant village next to Zwaagdijk. At this time I don’t know about his descendents.


-Klaas Wiering, son of Jan Pieterszn. Wiering

Born: the 8th of May 1782

Died: the 16th of January 1872 at the age of 89

He married on the 24th of May 1829, at the age of  47, with:

Marijtje Hokkeling

Born in 1803

Died: the 10th of March 1859 in Nibbixwoud

Klaas moved to the farm that is presently owned by Arie Galis junior. The original farmhouse was burnt to the ground in the 1970’s. At the time when it burnt down it was still stashed with weaponry dropped by English planes during the Second World War. Eyewitnesses say huge explosions could be heard. When the owner of the farm (at that time Arie Galis senior) arrived at his burning house he sent the public away to a safer distance. Later, far away in the land, some remains of shelves have been found back.

Klaas Wiering was an active man. Around 1860 he let built two new farms in Zwaagdijk that are still there till the present day. One of these farms was built for his son Jan, also known as ‘kleine (=small) Jan’ and one was built for his daughter Jantje. His daughter Geertje stayed on her father’s farm.

This small Jan (son of Klaas) has many descendants (not listed here) who are partly still living in Zwaagdijk.

Geertje Wiering (daughter of Klaas Wiering) married with Klaas Laan. They are the great great grandparents of some people in Zwaagdijk with the name Laan (further not listed here).

I don’t have further information about other descendants of Klaas Wiering.


-Gerrit Wiering, son of Jan Pieterszn. Wiering

Born: the 16th of May 1787

Unfortunately he died early and has no descendants.


Piet Wiering (son of Jan Pieterszn. Wiering) and Maartje Ettes (see above) had only one son called Jan Wiering. The people in Zwaagdijk called him ‘grote (=big/tall) Jan’ in contradiction to his childhood neighbour small Jan Wiering (son of Klaas Wiering, see above).


'Grote' Jan Wiering, son of Piet Janzn. Wiering

Born: the 22nd of December 1832

Died: the 12th of March 1909 at the age of 76


‘Grote’ Jan Wiering followed up his father on the farm of his father (still the same farm bought in 1760). He married three times:


1: Trijntje Groot

Born: the 28 of December 1837

Died: the 7th of April 1875 at the age of only 37


2: Trijntje Rood

Born in 1831

Died: the 8th of May 1892 at the age of 61


3: Neeltje Peereboom, date of marriage 30th of November 1876

Born: the 23rd of May 1841

Died: the 3rd of February 1922


'Grote' Jan Wiering received seven children:


1: Maartje Wiering, daughter of 'Grote' Jan Wiering

Born: the 26th of March 1859

Died: unknown to me

She married the 23rd of April 1877 with:

Piet Groot in Hoogwoud, a village in the neighbourhood. I don’t know about their descendants.


2: Arie Wiering, son of 'Grote' Jan Wiering

Born: the 17th of September 1860

Died: the 14th of December 1937 at the age of 77

He married twice. The second time he married was after his first wife died early.

See further in the text for his huge offspring.


3: Pieter Wiering, son of 'Grote' Jan Wiering

Born: the 2nd of October 1862

Died: the 22nd of October 1865 at the age of 3


4: Jan Wiering, son of 'Grote' Jan Wiering

Born: the 14th of May 1864

Died: the 6th of January 1890 at the age of 25

He married the 22nd of September 1887 with:

Reintje Ruiter:

Born: the 30th of March 1862

Died: the 20th of February 1936

I don’t know about his descendants, but he hasn’t had much time.


5: Geertje Wiering, daughter of 'Grote' Jan Wiering

Born: the 17th of October 1866

Died: the 11th of January 1868 at the age of 1


6: Geertje Wiering (the same name as her earlier sister, daughter of 'Grote' Jan Wiering)

Born: the 11th of September 1868

Died: the 27th of August 1942 at the age of almost 74

She married the 22nd of April 1890 in Oosterblokker (a village near Zwaagdijk) with:

Joris Schouten

Born: the 25th of November 1862

Died: the 15th of July 1927

Their descendants are not listed here.


7: Piet Wiering, son of 'Grote' Jan Wiering

Born: the 26th of February 1872

Died: the 9th of November 1928

In the year 1898 he married with:

Antje Schouten

Born: the14th of August 1866

Died: the 6th of January 1943

I don’t know about their descendants.


Arie Wiering (the son of 'Grote' Jan Wiering)

married with the following two wives:


1: Mietje Zwemmer (all children from her)

Born: the 11th of October 1861

Died: the 21st of September 1894 at the age of 32


2: Maartje Kuiper (received no children)

Born: not known to me

Died: the 7th of July 1936


Arie Wiering had five children:


1: Trien Wiering, daughter of Arie Wiering

Born: the 2nd of June 1888

Died: the 12th of May 1952

She married the 17th of April 1912 with:

Jan Schaper

Born: the 15th of February 1871

Died: the 29th of November 1942

They have many descendants (not listed here)


2: Jan Wiering, son of Arie Wiering

Born: the 29th of July 1889

Died: in December 1918 at the age of only 29 due to the infamous Spanish fever which claimed millions of lives across Europe.

He was married with Doortje Vlaar:

Born: the 24th of October 1887

Died: the 4th of November 1957

I don’t know about their descendants


3: Hannes Wiering, son of Arie Wiering

Born: the 22nd of July 1891

Died: the 3rd of February 1963 at the age of 71

He married on the 12th of September 1940 with:

Truus Fleurkens:

Born: the 4th of February 1896

Died: the 1st of May 1988

They never received children. In the 1950’s Hannes Wiering received the honour of laying the first stone for the church in Zwaagdijk-oost. In the 1980’s his (rich) widow decided to give money for restructuring the church-tower and for placing a clock on the wall of the church. In this way she gave the symbolic ‘last stone’ for the church.


4: Jacob Wiering, son of Arie Wiering

Born: the 10th of November 1892

Died: the 1st of October 1962 at the age of almost 70

He married the 2nd of May 1921 with:

Trien Ruyter

Born: the 21st of February 1998

Died: the 11th of September 1974 at the age of 76

They have a huge amount of descendants (see further)


5: Ma Wiering, daughter of Arie Wiering

Born: the 27th of May 1894

Died: the 15th of February 1989 at the age of 94

She married on the 1st of May 1920 with Jan Ruyter in the Beemster.

The Beemster used to be a lake but was pumped dry a few hundred years ago.

Jan Ruyter:

Born: the 14th of November 1892

Died: the 6th of February 1945 at the age of only 52.

Jan Ruyter was, together with his son Joris, heavily involved in the armed resistance against the occupying krauts. There was a traitor living in Hauwert and he reported Joris to the Germans. Joris was captured and then tortured by the Germans. Finally he must have said his father’s name as well. After that Jan Ruyter was arrested as well. Both Jan and his son Joris are murdered by the Germans at a time when Germany already had lost the war.

By the way: the dirty traitor was shortly after his heroic deed executed by the local resistance. The resistance put on German uniforms and drove to his house. One of them was able to speak German fluently and after knocking on the door told: ‘Sie haben gute arbeit geleistet. Sie mussen kommen bei dem Ortskommandant’ (this means ‘You have done a good job, you have to come to the local commander.’) After he came out of his house he had to step in the car. Somebody else already dug a grave and that is where the traitor was sent to where he belonged.

Even in old age Ma Wiering always became upset when the time of the year approached that her husband and son had been senselessly murdered by the krauts.

Later in life Ma Wiering remarried with Gerrit Groot.


Jacob Wiering (one of the sons of Arie Wiering) received 10 children. First four girls and then six boys.


1: Miena Wiering, daughter of Jacob Wiering

Born the 14th of May 1922

She married on the 14th of May 1943 with:

Piet Schouten

Born the 8th of September 1913

Died the 18th of December 1998

They have many children and grandchildren


2: Marie Wiering, daughter of Jacob Wiering

Born the 6th of July 1923

She married the 15th of August somewhere in the 1940’s with:

Dirk Oud

Born the 29th of January 1921

They have many children and grandchildren


3: Martha Wiering, daughter of Jacob Wiering

Born the 27th of October 1924

She married the 29th of October 1947 with

Anton Heeman

Born the 24th of June 1918

They have some children and grandchildren


4: Tonia Wiering, daughter of Jacob Wiering

Born: the 4th of October 1926

She died the 16th of December 2007 in Spierdijk at the age of 81

She married the 2nd of February 1951 with

Cor Koopman

Born the 18th of July 1926

Died the 1st of October 1998

They have many children and grandchildren


5: Arie Wiering, son of Jacob Wiering

Born the 12th of May 1928

He married the 25th of April 1959 with:

Lena Klaver

Born the 23rd of December 1928

They have three sons, three daughters and a number of grandchildren


6: Joris Wiering, son of Jacob Wiering

Born the 16th of November 1929

Died the 7th of April 2003 at the age of 73

He married the 14th of September 1963 with:

Tiny Schilder

Born: the 20th of July 1938

Died: the 16th of September 1993 at the age of only 55, far too young

For their descendants see further in the text.


In 1998 Joris Wiering remarried with Roos Dorrestein.


7: Jan Wiering, son of Jacob Wiering

Born the 2nd of April 1931

Died the 30th of May 1990

He married the 2nd of September 1959 with:

Truus de Lange

Born the 4th of April 1937

They have three sons (Jos, Paul and Edwin) and they have two daughters (Ellen and Jolanda) and a few grandchildren.


8: Jaap Wiering, son of Jacob Wiering

Born the 29th of January 1933

He married the 24th of February 1960 with:

Toos Vernooy

Born the 6th of January 1937

See for their children further in the text


9: Joop Wiering, son of Jacob Wiering

Born the 10th of July 1935

He married the 21st of May 1960 with:

Afra Groot

Born the 4th of February 1934

They have some children and a few grandchildren


10: Hans Wiering, son of Jacob Wiering

Born the 30th of April 1945, present Queens’s day in the Netherlands, a free day for all.

He married on the 19th of December 1970 with:

Betsy Schilder

Born the 23rd of November 1949

For their descendants see further in the text


Joris Wiering and Tiny Schilder have three children:


1: Marcel Wiering, son of Joris Wiering

Born the 6th of July 1964

He is married with

Willien de Vries

Born the 4th of July 1964

They have two children:

Frank, born the 5th of August 1997

Tineke, born the 17th of March 1999


2: André Wiering, son of Joris Wiering

Born the 11th of November 1965

It’s me! I have married twice. The first time, in 1992, with Olga Sanotskaja from Moscow. She left me a few months later. I have one daughter together with her. My daughter’s name is Julia Adrianusovna Wiering, born on the 15th of July in Moscow. My daughter is now living in Germany, close to Belgium and Luxembourg.

At one of my journeys to Russia, in order to try to see my kidnapped daughter, I met my present wife:

Natascha Kopylkova, born on the 21st of May 1970 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

I have three children here in the Netherlands:

-Valeria Fadelevna, born the 19th of February 1993. She has two fathers. Her other father comes from Iraq and has been fighting Sadam Hussein. He is now living in Denmark.

-Mark Adrianusovitch, born the 7th of August 1997

-Laura Andrea, born the 11th of October 2006


3: Linda Wiering, daughter of Joris Wiering

Born the 30th of March 1967

She lives together with her husband Ed Meester in Oosterblokker, a village close to Zwaagdijk.

They have two children:

-Stefanie, born on the 23rd  of November 1985

-Sjors, born in July 1992

-Donna, born in 2008


Jaap Wiering and Toos Vernooy have the following children:

1: Ries, born the 214th of March 1961, married with Ingrid Vriend

2: Karin, born the 15th of November 1962, married with Ysbrand Achterhof

3: Annemarie, born the 1st of February 1965, married with Meinert Bennis

4: Yvonne, born the 24th of February 1967, married with Hans van Berkel

5: Sylvia, born the 25th of September 1968, married with Paul Breed

6: Christa, born the 23rd of April 1970, married with Mark Brandsen

7: Jakob-Jan, born the 23rd  of April 1974, married

Most of them have children of their own.


Hans Wiering and Betsy Schilder have four children:

1: Diana, born the 5th of September 1971, married with Jan Komen, two children

2: Sascha, born the 7th of October 1972

3: Jacob, born the 1st of January 1974

4: Hans, born the 25th of February 1977


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